9 Scary eBay Mystery Box Openings By YouTubers

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In this top 9 list, we look at the scariest mystery box openings by YouTubers that were purchased on eBay. Whether they’re real or…


  1. a dybik(?) box is a box with a demon in it and the things inside the chest have things that the demon is related to them and people wax the chest closed after the ritual so the chest doesn’t open and let the demon out and when the chest is opened the demon is let out

  2. No hate against ur music video but shut up , u published the video a month ago stop repeatedly talking about it and please also change that part before showing number one because its repetitive and thats annoying

  3. I did not hear anything in #1 that they claimed it to be. In fact, I did not hear anything but the sound of flipping through radio stations. Complete nonsense. It's like auditory pareidolia. They just hear what they want to hear.

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