9 TRUE SCARY Stories Of Police Being Called For PARANORMAL Reasons | Scary Paranormal 911 Calls

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These paranormal stories come from police officers from all over the world from all different locations and times.
These are told in the format of a friend telling a friend and there are some short and longer ones, just like my EMT/Paramedic video.
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Oh, and yes that was Eden as the female in the second story. Here’s her channel :…


  1. Even if I really thought that a ghost was in my house, scaring me, I would tell the operator that I hear a person. I feel like they might not take u seriously if u say “I hear a ghost” then not send anyone.

    That first story (I think it was the first, the one with the old lady calling and the man was in her home behind her) was so messed up man… like that’s scary. She was so vulnerable and a creep was right there…

  2. Not even joking, at the end of story #4 I felt like my ear was flicked by someone. I turned and no one was there. Now I'm freaked out in my cubicle at work. If I was at home in the dark I'd crap my pants but I don't think the guy in the next cubicle would appreciate that…

  3. Why would people go against someones wish to be cremated …. Don't blame the Guy for being pissed I don't want to be put in the ground either but then I don't want to be cremated … I like what some Indian Tribes did which was Wrap you up tight in a Blanket and stick you in a Tree …. that sounds better or a huge Mauseleaum How the Hell do you spell Mausoleum?

  4. I think certain people are sensitive to paranormal energies in certain locations. Other people could be there and nothing happens. I have been experiencing this in the new place I moved to four months ago. Nothing really scary but annoying just the same.

  5. Footsteps and sound of heavy furniture being dragged across the floor upstairs is a common phenomenon. My mother told me of hearing this twice when she was young just before hearing that someone had died.
    One was when she was in a boarding house during WW2 when she could hear this above her room which she knew was empty. Next day the landlady got notice her son had been killed in the war.
    Next was July 1952 when both my parents heard footsteps in the middle of the night and heavy breathing going down the hall to the bedroom where my older brother and I were sleeping. He was five and I was two years old. It sounded just like my grandfather's breathing. He suffered all his adult life from asthma. My father got up to investigate and found nothing.
    Next day they heard grandpa had died. These things happen.

  6. My former friend, when he was like 2 or 3 was in his room, laughing. His mum went up to check on him, and as she was going into his room she saw a shadow dart across the wall and vanish. She dismissed it as her imagination and asked him what he was laughing at. He said he was talking to ‘the Monday lady’. It was even more strange as it was Monday, but he didn’t know the days of the week.she proceeded to ask where the Monday lady is now and he said she had gone into the next house. Back when his mum was a child she had a lot of things go on in her house too

  7. The 9th and last story, a shape shifting creature, here in the Philippines once upon a time it is said they were prevalent on small towns preying on small children, unborn fetuses or fresh cadavers. They can morph into black pig, black dog or any animal usually black, smelly and red-eyed.

    *Disclaimer: I do not drink alcohol or do drugs ; by profession I am a Registered Master Electrician and a Licensed Professional Mathematics Teacher. I believe these ghouls and ghost do exist, solid proofs are just missing.

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