A haunted ride along Clinton Road

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The Daily News autos team took a ride along Clinton Road, NJ with Weird New Jersey’s Mark Sceurman and Mark Moran. The most haunted road in America.


  1. I will walk through the whole thing alone starting at midnight. My only stipulations are that I have a fully functional katana, (carbon steel and sharp) and that it's not raining. We can go pro the whole thing.

  2. I hate driving through that road. I drove through that road and this dumb ass truck kept on tail gating me so I drove slower for that idiot to get piss off and then acouple of minutes later the truck just suddenly disappear

  3. This road is no more frightening nor much different than scores or roads just like it throughout Northern Jersey, Northeast PA, etc. About all you really need to look out for are deer and the occasional bear that might lumber across the road!

  4. I grew up in West Milford, and drove on Clinton road numerous times like twenty years ago with friends trying to see anything paranormal. The only thing we saw was how much gas we wasted driving the 7 mile road.

  5. I went to Clinton Rd by myself, had just moved to N.J. but I had seem videos of the road and was really excited. It's almost 1 1/2 from my town and haven't driven in the US that far LOL l but I really wanted to go. Did the coin toss, drove all the way down, saw the historic ironworks but it was just a dark road. I only saw one car pass through, possibly a resident, and that was all. I filmed the trip but it there was nothing interesting to share. Maybe I'll return another night.

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