A Place of Nightmares : Super Creepy Abandoned Children’s Asylum

My Nighttime Visit :

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Photographed and Edited by Dan Bell
Produced by Dan Bell and Bigg Jim Jones

“No Light for your Soul”
Music by Thomas Prislac…


  1. There’s some beautiful architecture in this building. Could be really nice if someone restored it. Definitely creepy with the music he used. Didn’t notice any “supernatural “ activity, but definitely looks like squatters are living in there. I’d be more afraid of a homeless person robbing me. I’d carry one of my pistols.

  2. Thank you for not making stupid squeaky sounds and also for not poking the camera down inside the toilets! Simply don’t understand the fascination with the toilets. Ugh!!!! Awesome videos both, parts 1 and 2. New subscriber.

  3. This place is likely haunted, but I think there were definitely multiple people in the building with you. The voices, the shadow of someone smoking a cigarette, the shadow passing in front of the keyhole. The moment at 10:11 that people have pointed out looks to me like someone wearing a hockey mask; they were probably trying to scare you but you didn't notice. Given the amount of trash in there, I'm guessing you had at least 2 squatters in there who were intentionally trying to fuck with you.

  4. So I'm sitting in my garage smoking and having a couple drinks…at 6:48…his battery blows up while 2 cats from my neighborhood also break out in a nasty little fight simultaneously. In one burst of life I screamed like a bitch, peed one squirt and farted so hard it actually hurt!

  5. One of my favorite vids of yours. Love the music as much as the subject matter. That exploding battery made me jump! Mysterious homeless person watching you the whole time…. shivers!! Great explore!

  6. After all the strange things that people have pointed out hasn't anyonel noticed that after Dan spots the blood in min 10:50 then looks into the room next door where we see what looks like a small dark rounded shiny thing inside some type of cupboard, and as soon as he goes into the room and turns around that small rounded shiny thing has gone. Everything we have been noticing in strange things, is like it was done on purpose by Dan taking us there with slight movements for us to see, my question is did Dan really not know or was it all planned before hand?(i think it was), it's like a game of spot the clues and somethings where to obvious not to be noticed by him.

  7. oh my DAN this is SO CREEPY because of the person!! I'm so glad you're okay- do you carry pepper spray? it's also so fascinating to see the architecture. I love the stained glass windows and the carved wood(?) by the fireplace- you're really preserving these places by documenting them!! as well as letting us have a look at some things we otherwise would never see. Amazing work as always

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