Abandoned Frontier Town, Upstate NY

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Day time exploration of the abandoned amusement park of Frontier Town in upstate New York.


  1. If this place hasn't been demolished yet, I would gladly volunteer to move here, and renovate it. A lot of the structures look like they are still sound, it would be a shame to destroy them. Anyone interested in joining me?

  2. I remember coming here in the '60's, our dad took my siblings and I to every theme park in the state on his weekly visitations. Frontiertown was built to look like an old "wild west" town, false fronts on the buildings, old fashioned general store, jail, etc.There were horses, and staff dressed in cowboy outfits. It was pretty impressive if you were a ten year old kid. Looks pretty run down now. Our dad took us to other theme parks that probably aren't around anymore, like Santa's Workshop (North Pole, N.Y.), Catskill Game Farm, and I think that there was a theme park at the top of Whiteface Mountain, near Lake Placid. Both my parents loved to run the roads.

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