(Abandoned Haunted School)//Voices Everywhere//

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Todd from Holywalkers and Joe and Rob From Urban Ghost Urban Exploration visit the abandoned school at night what we find is insane so many voices and someone stalking us.

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  1. So did some research on the zora exhibit and i think they may have helped on something called zora
    Neale Hurston Dust Trancks Heritage Trail. I did read up on it and it looks pretty interesting. Maybe when my family goes to Florida this summer we may go check it out… Any ways maybe the school was helping with the exhibit?

  2. @22:25 shape shifting shadow entity moves from the floor mounted heaters right in the corner of the room. It then moves upward and balloons out 2secs later to form a sort of oblong shape going upwards from the floor in the corner with a nose shape sticking out on the top left of the oblong…watch it changing shapes, and you can actually hear it when it moves via an EVP banging sound…???

  3. Hi Todd and Joe and Rob thanks for another wonderful video my brothers. Please keep up the wonderful work always my brothers. I enjoyed the video. I'm happy nothing bad happened to you Todd and Joe and Rob. I heard lots of voices and bangs through out the video. That place was crazy. I Love you my brother's. May god protect you always Todd and Joe and Rob and and your family's always my brothers. Please be safe always my brothers. Please take care always my brothers. ?????????????????????????????????????????✌????

  4. Hello guys with the Beautiful Smiles how are you all doing this evening I hope you're doing great and Todd how is your son I watch that video that was a scary video God bless him and God bless you all love you coming at your door piece

  5. Great video guys. And so nice to see all three of you together again. Long time sense rob has been with you. It was a bit much noise sense it was so much things on the floor that made noise and all three of you stuck together pretty much the whole time, which is totally understandable, so there was noise from you guys just walking around. But I heard some stuff anyway.

    At 4:38 "run"
    At 4:40 another "hey" after you point out the first one.
    At 4:44 "run"
    At 5:13 "don't go"
    At 9:44 "okay"
    At 9:49 "hey, get out of here right now"
    At 9:55 " get out, get out"
    At 10:04 "what are you doing"
    At 10:10 "hey, they did it" or "hey, they hid it"
    At 11:06 "get oooooouuuuut"
    At 11:11 "get out"
    At 21:24 either "look" or "what" when you look through the first window.
    At 24:58 "go"
    At 25:04 either "hey" or a sigh
    At 27:07 "gooooooo"
    At 28:18 "hey,hi,hey,hiii" you point out one(hi) but there sounded like multiple spirits saying hi slightly different at the same time. It was weird.
    At 35:36 "can you see her"
    At 36:16 "i see you"
    At 37:00 "pst"

    Great video guys. Stay safe as always. Hugs from norway?

  6. thank you very much for your comment I'm still in the hospital with my daughter and your videos are very entertaining keep my mind off stuff but you guys have a great day or night bye for now Cali girl Kim

  7. At 31 minutes in you guys think somebody went through the door because it's a jar. Did you notice on the floor that there's a can of spray paint? You guys said earlier in a room that smells really bad like fresh spray paint. Maybe there's some kids in there tagging it up and they're trying to hide from you

  8. In the beginning of 11 minute mark looks like you guys are in the theater Arts room where they did plays and acting that's why you probably are finding all that clothing it's probably props and their outfits for different plays they put on.

  9. Why are ghosts always telling you to get out! I know if I was a ghost and didn't have anybody to talk to cuz I was stuck in an old decaying building I would relish communication whether it be with the living or the Dead.

  10. With that school being abandon the way it is the homeless and dope fiends are going to be attracted to it because it is kind of out of the way and the old class rooms would make a great place for a homeless person to turn one of the rooms into a place for them to live for the time being

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