Abandoned LINCOLN WAY NEIGHBORHOOD, Clairton, PA, pt 2

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Here is part 2 of 2 of the abandoned neighborhood. Pretty amazing place. In case you missed part 1, here it is:

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  1. Okay here's what I found out from somebody who I showed this video to: I guess right about Christmas 1996 suddenly cars and a few of the houses started sinking through the ground then some some kind of unexplained I guess phenomenon with that occurring caused everybody live on that street just up and leave run the heck out of there with all their possessions and things behind and I've heard people say it still haunted so that's the info I got sudden scared the heck out of those people and cost of science that was sucking people's cars in their driveways by the street and cause scared everybody made them leave

  2. I live near kennywood and I am close to the houses on Lincoln and they said they left due to the mines under the houses. Everyone was moved out due to unsafe conditions that's why things were left behind. Uss steel kept the reasons as to why very quiet. My question is how you go into the homes without the police coming after you. They have the road blocked off now

  3. its funny cause i come here a lot dressed in my grandmas nightgown and a Halloween wig and use marker to color my eyelids red then i just stare at people out of a window lol. sometimes i bring a radio and play it really low so people might think they hear voices

  4. This is awesome because this place is almost in me backyard. We moved here from the opposite end on the state. Here's another place you might want to check out. It called "Centralia, PA". This is an abandoned town too because there a raging mine fire under it that has been burning since 1962. They think this fire could burn for another 250 years. But it may be a place you would like to check out if your ever back this way. Here's a link for you to read about it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Centralia_mine_fire

  5. I live close to the Lincoln Way houses my sister with her before and I saw a person in the window it has red eyes and some house nobody was in the houses before and they caught fire happening to a lot of the old houses like it happened in the middle of the night and like my dad was walking down uni-mart and it was on the news too because channel 4 news I was telling about it and they were alive when you first tried you could try to put out the fire I like I heard like going down my hill where our house is only a few like a little bit that I there's only a little bit to walk down to their his want to see where are the houses caught on fire at and when firefighters put that out that one part somehow another house catches on fire and nobody was there and she was a demon who I saw the red eyes mr. ready dead he said that was his name and my house when the people left that place to lick your way houses a girl and they was actually chasing your hair up by my house where my houses she got shot right there was a long time ago and when my houses that you can build and a dude shot her right in the middle of my house before man has ever made and old Honda but do you know what those old trucks look like well it went over the hill and crash and a person in their truck there's a lot of people in the truck and they all died there was a baby a little boy order daughter twins who were six and triplets mom dad cat and dog but it was like you know how trucks are these days with seats in the back that's how it was okay if I can figure out how many people there were in the altogether there is 11 alot so bye bye

  6. Duplex`s also were called double`s. Most were built by the Steel and Coal industries to house employees. They were nicknamed company houses. Several near buy counties have rows of them that we call patch towns. Most are still occupied.

  7. Breathing in your shirt offers no protection. If asbestos was there, and it may be, you'd have to stir it up pretty well to damage your lungs. Being as you aren't exposed on a regular basis, don't worry too much unless you're pulling insulation off old pipes. The lead paint in there is dangerous as well, but you don't have much to worry about unless you're eating the flakes, so PARTY ON BRO !!!!!!

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