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Part 1. Abandoned Places Ghost Town Adventure – Education Lost!
Urbex Odyssey in an Abandoned City. Gary, Indiana Near Chicago, Illinois is full of stuff to explore! Explore this abandoned school with everything left behind. Built in 1928. Sit back and learn about the schools history and enjoy the strangely beautiful decay. Hopefully you are safe and not in the path of Hurricane Irma in…


  1. Fantastic work Tony, really good narration on the history and also the videography was done slowly so people can really get a good look at everything. Well done, Andrews pictures were awesome too. xx

  2. By all means, praise technology – nobody wants a damp jock! Those shoes really were cool – I'd wear 'em. As an evenings & weekends side gig, my folks did custodial work at a state maintenance facility, awa at a local elementary school when I was a kid. They used the same kinds of industrial dust-mops, floor-buffers, & mop-buckets as in this vid. When they were finished w/their work for the night, we'd raid the cafeteria freezer of the little chocolate swirl sundaes. U remember the kind that came in the little plastic cups w/a flat wooden spatula for a spoon? Then, Daddy would push me around the workshop on a dolly a couple of times for a giggle. I still recall the scent of sawdust permeating the garage-workshop, awa the grease-busting industrial strength handsoap, & the strong liquid disinfectant he would dilute w/a bucketful of hot water from the deep, stained janitor's sink to mop the newer tile sections of the school's flooring. The older areas were hardwood, which has it's own odors & cleaning methods. Apologies, Dead Mann's HIgh took me back there for a minute…

  3. Awesome find, Tony. This is a gem of a place; and those old Zambonis are really cool and in pretty decent shape for being there that long, just sitting. They might still work, like the Clarke vacuum. Never know.

  4. Another fantastic video! Such a shame that such a beautiful building is rotting away. Such beautiful woodwork! I appreciate the history lesson Tony. Also we had a Horace Mann school in Omaha Nebraska also!

  5. Ok TT, do you ever encounter any hauntings or other type of spooky experience while walking into these dilapidated places? @17:00, if you've been in the military, you definitely used a fricken floor buffer. I sure as heck did while in the Army.

  6. Loved the information like you said Horace Mann was president for 6yrs. and had passed the last year of the six. He was buried there at Yellow Springs, Ohio and then moved him to be buried next to his first wife in Providence, Rhode Island. He is commemorated by two monuments, an obelick on campus that has the college motto and marks his grave and a bronze statue in Glen Helen, that's at John Byants State Park. I think his neice was one of the faculty member and she was the first female college professor in the U. S. that got paid the same pay as her male colleagues. Antioch College was closed in 2008 and reopened in 2011, but not in the same building. I know all this because I used to run around at Yellow Springs Ohio and John Byant. Sorry for the rambling so much. Also there's a Horace Mann School in Dayton Ohio waiting to get demolished. That swimming pool was huge and that lead paint on those walls caught my eye as well as all those decayed books. Thanks Tony!

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