Abandoned Places NO ONE Knows About

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There are so many abandoned places around the globe which often leave you with more questions than they do answers! Why was it abandoned? Who lived there? Why has nothing been rebuilt on that site? Today we globe trot to some of these abandoned places and homes and learn more about their sad tales that had them abandoned forever.

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11 – Humberstone,…


  1. I live just down the road from Kirby Hall. Great place to picnic and let the kids run loose. The kitchens are the reason it all went pear shaped. There was a huge fire. Man cannot live without his dinner.

  2. Ok. Aside from the silliness of the title etc this is pretty…interesting. And maybe cautionary? Ha. Wishful thinking I suppose. But wtf is up with the Ford one in Brazil? If they didn't listen-HE PUNCHED THEM? Really???

  3. Kinda wondering how many people it takes to ask how you know about them… Anyway, Typhoid Mary was a rotten old cow. I realize she had to work at something but working as a cook for families with kids? Scummy.

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