Abandoned St. Thomas Ghost Town at the Bottom of Lake Mead

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Exploring the ruins of St. Thomas, which was evacuated in 1938 when they built the Hoover Dam and flooded the area. But Lake Mead has dried up so much that now the foundations of the town are back above water — WAY above water! A really neat hike to an interesting part of Nevada’s history.


  1. Yes, another find to explore!!!
    Amazing that lake mead is so low. You fly over bama and see the Colorado river, were it dumps into the sea? It is all but dried up there.
    Another interesting video!

  2. Brilliant!.I want to hike the world's wreckage and contemplate it with you.?. I think the rectangle thing by the cistern is a baptismal pool. Or something. The nice metal grills over the deep holes are so you don't go down and get stuck. Modern safety stuff..

  3. Just a guess, but the best building will be the Mormon Tabernacle, which would where a constituent would be judged for their sin. The holes in the ground most likely were cisterns as you first suggested.

  4. You're funnny,I love your sense of humor….theres another town that was flooded in upstate N.Y,it's still under water.Its called Lake Delta.
    We get too much rain for it to ever dry up.

  5. It's sad that she is so negative and unprofessional. If she would of went on the internet she could of found what each of these sites were and would of been able to give a comprehensive report.

  6. Looks like you are all alone out there, please be careful as you NEVER KNOW who you will run into out in this desolate area.
    I speak from experience. Thanks for your video's, I am now going to subscribe! BE SAFE on your future journeys, Tom in Pahrump, Nv.

  7. In Australia, the little town of Adaminaby was flooded by the Eucembine dam forming lake Eucembine in the mid 50's. In times of severe drought, the old town becomes visible from time to time and I have heard that the first time it re-appeared after being flooded for about 25 years, some flowers like daffodils actually sprouted in some of the old gardens

  8. Thanks for educating me about St Thomas and Lake mead. I had no idea the lake level had dropped so much. I visited Hoover Dam in 1983 when the lake was almost full. To see it now makes me sad.

    I saw a brief (6 min) video that said (as someone else has commented) the concrete steps were the entrance to the St Thomas School. There was a picture of the school with those recognizable steps in front. It also said there were some people who refused to leave. One guy held out to the bitter end because he didn't believe the water was really going to reach his house. There's a picture of the water at his doorstep and they had to help him leave in a boat! Gotta love his spirit.

    I'm new to your YouTube Channel but I've subscribed and have already watched about 20+ of your videos. I can't believe some of the places you go into. You are a petite, beautiful woman but you could never be my girlfriend. I could never date a woman whose "cojones" are bigger than mine!

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Not only cute, but quite a sense of humor, tell me about how anybody could do this in fifty years, but that is what you video this for, when dear girl are you going to get a gimble for the camera. Wasn't it nice to visit said ruins without all the beer cans, and yes I would be a bit concerned about gun shots. some don't pay attention to where they are shooting. Too bad that pond wasn't a bit clearer, maybe the wonder hussy could pretend she was a mermaid

  10. Thx for this, chica! I lived in Vegas over 20 yrs. I saw Lke. Meade so full, they had to open the spillways twice once in 83 and then again a few years later. Never see. It so low, tho.
    It's a cycle. She'll fill again. Mother Nature is a little busy with all the planets on the same side of the Sun. As of today.
    It is July 19th, 2018 and the planets are continuing theirs skydance for three more weeks. Keep looking around, things are interesting.
    Enjoy the he@@ outta your videos, Wonderhussy!
    However, Hoover dam was built to provide water to farmers, and the L.A. basin. Populations have exploded in AZ. and So. Cal. THAT'S where the waters are goiing.

  11. The structures with the grates that look new over the wells probably are. Looks like they were built after the water receded to keep people from falling off into the wells.

  12. Most of the water rights were given to California, because there wasn't the large population that we have now. I have seen cinder blocks and reinforced concrete walls with rear. This was for the Hoover Dam workers.

  13. I love the explorations you do. I love the West and it really piques my interest in going out that way soon. New subscriber. I really like your take on some of our social issues. It’s refreshing, especially being in the heart of the Midwest

  14. Did you know Thomas means twin and 1865 = 9-11 or 8+1 & 6+5=11! A desert is parabolic of Hell there is no water. America is Mystery Babylon and receives a twin portion of judgement. It’s a parable of the waves do come upon Babylon and Isaiah 21-1 the desert sea. Las Vegas is called sin city for a reason and America is cut off in one hour

  15. The people that run Lost Vegas should know better but they don't, they are all getting kickbacks from the developers.
    I moved to Vegas in 1995, lived over by Sam's town. Moved to Pahrump within a year and commuted on 160 every day. Back then there was almost nothing there heading north after the railroad tracks except the gas station on Rainbow. Now there are shopping centers and houses, 3 story houses that they built underground and then pushed them up at night! Lost Vegas has wells and because they have pumped so much water out of the aquifer there is some serious Subsidence in Lost Vegas and very evident around the wells that the SNWA pumps water from.
    While I lived in Pahrump the county commissioners approved a plan for a builder, I think it was Fortune, to put 8000 homes up on the alluvial fan just south of Pahrump. Those idiots pontificated that houses use less water than growing alfalfa and cotton, that's what Pahrump was know for before people started moving there and building big houses with lush lawns and back yard pools. Fortunately, the housing market collapsed in2008 and building came to a halt.
    The southwest is a desert and it's dry, like a popcorn fart most of the time and when it rains the water on the valley floor never makes it to the aquifer due to the soil content, clay soils and then a layer of calichie . It makes mud and then evaporates.

    It's not going to get better and if they don't do something they will run out of water and that will be a bad day in Sin City.

    I live in Tucson and we get some of our water from the Colorado river thru the CAP canal/pipeline.

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