Abandoned Train Stations

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Here are some amazing derelict and abandon train stations from around the world. Some of my favourite abandoned stations with a brief history of the building. These beautiful magnificent structures have a hidden history waiting to be told.

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  1. With tripoli station, you could’ve explained more instead of “the germans damaged the place during ww1” and then follow up with “it was abandoned as it is, trains and all”, could explaib the viewer how long it was in service (1911-1975) and how it was also damaged in the civil war that occured there and how theres also a preservation group trying to restore the place along with the trains and rolling stock.

  2. Regarding the Tripoli station, note that it was not damaged by the Germans in WWI. The station was repeatedly looted during the Lebanese civil war (1975-1990) as the railway system came to a halt. Thieves dismantled the trains and sold the parts has heavy steel

  3. Impresionante!! Aquí en Uruguay tenemos la estación central General Artigas inaugurada en 1897. En 1988 dejo de funcionar el servicio de pasajeros para luego en 2003 dejarla abandonada. Esta en ruinas totalmente y en condiciones optimas para este tipo de vídeos. Tu podrías incluir esta estación a tus vídeos!

  4. Just in case people do not know Buffalo Central Terminal is in the process of being restored to its original condition a lot of volunteers and historical aficionados are putting the structure's interior back together, wall by wall, piece by piece. it is a long and expensive process. Part of the reason for how expensive the restoration is is due to the numerous fires that have unfortunately consumed its interior.

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