ALARM TRIGGERED in Nuclear Ghost Town! – Wasteland Operations #01

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Urban Exploration: Running from security in old Soviet ghost town (English subtitles are available!) Episode #111

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Guys, don’t expect one of our urbex documentaries in this video. This time we’re trying…


  1. Do you have any ideas how we can improve "Wasteland Operations"? If so, please share them with us in the comment section! What other game modes should there be? What gadgets are missing? What kind of random events should we implement?

    It's worth getting creative! Because we will give away one of our new limited edition BWT calendars for 2019 to the person with the most groundbreaking suggestion. We're thrilled to read your ideas! Deadline is the 2nd of December.

  2. this is so awesome! cant wait for more of these, such a fun idea! Ive always wanted to play man hunt in an abandoned lot, but this is way cooler! Also, I think night vision would be pretty cool too, not sure if its too dangerous tho.

  3. What a great idea for an outdoor action rpg. And without shooting this is awesome. Requires thinking during the game, what a rare happening nowadays ?

    This idea just popped up in my mind, nothing big but what about a purchasable smoke-ball for the agent? This could be a little bag with flour and could be used by the agent in case of a wild escape like in this episode and the guards are supposed to stop for let's say 60 seconds after the agent has thrown such "grenade" which could help him to succeed even if he has been sighted by the guards.

    A counter measure to prevent such forced stop of the chase could be "infrared goggles" so that the guards could see through the "dense fog"…

    Oh and perhaps you think about implementing some NPC lurking around for different purposes.

    Anyway a great idea an I will follow this closely.

  4. I love the game and the idea, the only thing that I wish that was different is that everyone spoke English to make it a little easier for me to watch. I had to use the subtitles and trying to read all of it wasn't as fun as getting to set back and relax and to just watch it normally. But I love you guys, so I did it anyway and I love it. I want to play haha

  5. Paintball guns. Definitely paintball guns ? or if not something cool would be traps! You could use some really basic fireworks like knall erbsen. (But put a laser pointer next to it, so it's not completely invisible) And if a person steps into one, he'll be handicapped and not allowed to run anymore or something ?

  6. Ok, I am jealous! How am I supposed to go to work after seeing this 🙁 I don't know if it is already mentioned but I just wished the agent had a second "life" you know? Or it could be bought in the beginning for a relatively high price, like a joker card? Anyways, thanks for all the quality content!

  7. Guys it doesn't matter what you do you do it well. I really enjoy all of your work. I have told a lot of my friends about your channel. Keep up the good work especially the URBEX. One thing I find quite humorous is the fact that you generally swear in English. Thank you from Australia.

  8. A few ideas for equipment…anything requiring batteries to operate should be fitted with random batteries from a cache that have various levels of charge left, from full to drained…as no new batteries would be made, they must all be scavenged. Those being purchased should come without batteries so the buyer must choose the batteries from the cache at the time of purchase.This would mean that a walkie -talkie might give out at any time, or a flashlight or motion sensor alarm, making it more realistic. You might want night vision goggles and heat sensors if you intend any after dark play, available to both sides. Ropes for climbing, or blocking of an exit would be helpful as well, and could be used from above to trigger motion sensors from a safer distance.. a recording device triggered by remote, delayed recording after a period of silent tape, or by motion to act as a decoy for the agent, making a series of soft sounds or a heat signature could send the sentries in the wrong direction. A bag of small stones to attract attention away by tossing could be useful as well. Recorded local wildlife sounds indicating disturbance could suggest a person is where the sound is coming from. Mirrors could be set to trick the viewer into thinking another person is in the area when the motion is their own reflection. A high priced gadget could be a drone with camera, giving an overview of the area and possibly showing where sentries are…or the agent…I suggest only one be available, and again…powered by batteries of unknown charge. You might want ways to take out one sentry and get his gadgets…perhaps rubber knives or a garrotte made from something non lethal. These would be useful if you were permitting the idea of hand to hand ambush to even the odds. Extra food and water caches randomly placed that can be found only by completing a challenge. A first-aid kit should also be in the original collection of supplies for purchase…many things in the average one of those could also serve to restrain a sentry, or even sedate one for a specific period of time. Just a few notions, but some of them could make the play more realistic and broaden the thinking needed in the purchase period, like the need for extra batteries in case of failure. I think you are onto something very exciting and fun. You also need a code word in case of a real emergency…that all agree to never use without actual real need. Thanks for considering these.???

  9. This game mode, but at night would be awesome. The dark would help the Agent and make it harder for the Security guards. For this, each person would get a flashlight at the beginning of the round for free, but other stuff, like a black colored blanket would cost caps. You can also buy some night vision goggles pretty cheap. I like the concept.

  10. This was very creative. And your site for the game is looking perfect. I think you will have a lot of fun with this, and people from other places will want to come and play. In your items that can be bought there should be provisions, some kinds of weapons like knives or garrotte and rope, and chocolate or barley sugar for fast energy boost. I’m sure as I watch more of your gameplay other items will occur to me. Keep having fun, and stay safe out there.???

  11. Video was great but YouTube keeps pushing these damn advertisements by force. Hopefully something similar to YouTube will come and we can move on to free tube.. Lol???

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