almost a ghost town: groton city, new york

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with only a few dozen residents, this is one of the smallest inhabited villages in the entire state of new york. the bridge was closed but i was able to take some back roads to get to the other side.


  1. You are giving incorrect information on this.  First of all, Groton City is not nor has it ever been a village.  Villages are incorporated.  Groton City is a hamlet in the Town of Groton.  Obviously it is not a ghost town because people do live there, there are farms, and the Church is very active.  The people that live there (which is more than "a few dozen") are very proud of their community and since you do not live there and probably never have, you should not put them down.

  2. Beautiful old place I wish you would take some pictures on a clear day. Lack of work and money cause people to move to more populated areas. Large farms took over , no need for the small farms anymore . Beautiful place. Sad to know it is considered a ghost town now. 

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