American Pickers: Bonus – Rejected at Gunpoint (Season 1) | History

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Pickers are often turned away, sometimes cordially, but sometimes with guns. Mike and Frank discuss the worst part about being a picker in this web exclusive from Season 1.

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  1. I never understood how by now people who claim to be pickers or collectors don't recognize these guys. Putting a gun in anyone's face is uncalled for. Call the cops. Both sides. I would wear more identifying clothing but dam they drive up in a big box truck with their logo on the side. But you figure someone living in junk or underground like " mole man "is not playing with a full deck to begin with.

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  3. IMO what would really make me nervous about having Mike & Al pulling into my property when they're freestyling?
    1.) I live out in the middle of nowhere for a reason …neighbors are seldom, especially when they're unexpected/unannounced.
    2.) It isn't just 1 van pulling into my property, it's 2 vans …you figure there's the 1 van that is Mike & Al, then the other van is the show's camera crew, and to have a bunch of folks I never met before with cameras airing/advertising my property/belongings to the public would make me nervous.
    and 3.) And all the publicity may surrender my home under the idea that it's no-longer private and thus open/available to the public.

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  5. If anyone believes this show is as spontanious as they lead us to believe… also believes in the easter bunny. The History Channel produces and directs their activities….scripted and planned out months in advance. No walking up on people's property, come on (at least not in the last 7 years anyway) their time is budgeted to stops that are well planned with a camera crew and staff that directs their activities, finds the merchandise for them before they get off the plane and head over to the pick, BTW there's no driving that van across country to buy a 10 dollar item in Podunk GA or Ohoopie SC, there's a crew of people that make this show happen. Just look at the supposed mark that comes to the door and is pondering weather he wants them to look around his piles of junk? There's an army of people with cameras, sound equipment Lighting and releases they have to sign before they step foot on the property. Don't get me wrong I like the show but GUAFB we did not fall off the back of a turnip truck, we know that the metal car Frank has found from 1932 was put there by a History Channel scout well in advance.Why not have the guys get into the pick more authentic, why not give the audience a preview of what these places are and why you choose the location, having the people speak to the audience…making it more believeable, It's about time guys, we're not buying the act any longer so keep it real

  6. um threatening someone with a gun like that should be illegal…maybe it is. that's no joke. anymore with gun crazy America im scared to go to any stranger's house. i was supposed to pick up a couch and got the address wrong because my friend is an idiot who thinks he knows everything, and it scared me because i walked right into their garage and it was at night, and i thought, i could have been shot by some conservative gun fanatic itching to use it.

  7. alot of people don't want to sell you their lives savings,we know they are antiques and valuable,but no means no,no alot of us have had money and realize it don't mean much unless you're twenty and have forty years ahead of you,this show was doomed to failure

  8. Not Pickers! These guys are "cherry pickers" and only get away with it because of the TV show. The fake laughs & fake interest in people only to con them into letting them buy a few of the best things. They get rich off others best items that should, and could be, sold by the person they are buying from only because of TV show.

  9. The show was interesting because of the stuff the guys were finding, not the guys themselves. These are just a couple of average dudes who happened to stumble on an idea that made then a few bucks, big deal. But how is t that so many people now days seem to think these "Reality" shows are filmed as they happen? How could they not know that everything is scripted, permission to enter properties and film is needed, etc? Are people now days really that gullible? Or are they simply so deaperate that they will accept anything for "Entertainment"

  10. The false and ridiculous notion that Reagan did ANYTHING for the hostages is total b.s.!!! President Jimmy Carter would have gone down in history as one of Americas greatest leaders if only he could have had 4 more years. Most citizens say they they long for for an honest, high principals leader but then reject one of the best for the likes of Reagan and Trump!

  11. these American pickers just travel around the country ripping peaple off .especially old peaple who don't know the real value of the item..mike and Frank especially frank should be ashamed..SHAME ON YOU BOTH…RIP-OFF MERCHANTS

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