Another World (2015) Action, Horror, Sci-Fi full movie

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In a post-apocalyptic future, a biological warfare program gone wrong leaves only four survivors defending themselves from “the infected” – mindless killers. As they struggle to survive and make sense of what is happening, they find another survivor, intent on revealing the truth.


  1. Did you ever notice in zombie movies all the women are hot even if they are doctors. This is why I always say in a zombie apocalypse only hang out with ugly girls because zombies only chase pretty ones.

  2. One of the most saddest zombie movies I've ever seen where do they get the money to make such crappy movies. I've never acted in my life but I know I could do a better job then they did. I heard squealing of tires and the truck wasn't moving. I wonder if they really consider themselves as actors. And here's a tidbit of info. Actor stems from the word hypocrite. Not surprising. I hope the directors and actors read these comments maybe they'll get the hint and go get a real job at McDonald's or Burger King, something that could be proud of. Cause this is embarrassing.

  3. What I dont understand is, they know that these things are going to die off in time, so why dont they get a boat and go out in a harbor somewhere. I can only hope that the real smart people had already taken that obvious solution. Swimming is not something that comes natural to humans, so if these "zombies" are so brainless, they should not be able to swim. Even if they can not get a ship moving on its own power, they should be able to untie one from a dock, let it drift out a ways and drop anchor. IF they do this with a cruise ship it would have lots of food and fuel for generators.

    OF course, that means they would not have a show either.

  4. "The Infected" are not mindless killers. Indeed, they cooperate among themselves and coordinate their attack solely at the uninfected. Had they been mindless they would turn on one another there-by eliminating the threat in the first place! On nay nay say I. Actually they show higher cognitive skill than the bumbling non infected. They are focused and of one mind. Just a thought to ruminate on.

  5. 5:41 like anyone can fix a dying battery from inside of the car. all you need is to say to your buddy "work your magic!" and engine will surely start. Just be sure you use your manliest and deepest tone of voice.

  6. This is not what zombie are. SJWs screw up everything. Zombie are biological people, the biology works totally the same, but they don't have a soul. They are humanlike animals.
    You shoot a zombie it is bleeding and maybe dies. It needs vegetables, good sleep and so on. Reviving a body from death can create a zombie if it is biologically functional.

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