Are licence plate covers illegal?

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Ontario laws say there can’t be anything on them that prevents them from being identified by photo-radar systems. To read more

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  1. Who is writing these "laws" if you wish to preserve your plate, so be it, cops are satanists, enforcing luciferian laws and selling out their fellow brothers and sisters.

  2. Oh crap, I'm going to take OFF the covers on my rear plate , and replace the HAZED old one on my front plate. Thanks for this video I've probably saved myself from getting a $115 ticket in the near future: THANKS ! I had my plate sticker 'cut off' from my rear license plate and had to pay an extra $120 to get it replaced ( 2 year renewal ), that is why I use a cover on my rear license plate. The front cover is to prevent damage from road rocks / sand on the Hwy 401.

  3. The Plastic License Plate Cover does protect The actual plate from rust and corrosion during the Winter Season. I live in Detroit Michigan USA and have used them since 1990. Michigan now requires a Ten Year Purchase of a new license plate automatically using the reasoning that the exposed license plate has rusted and loss its reflective properties.

  4. police are making money because the minute you accept the "privilege" of a licence, you've also signed a contract with the government to pay taxes, licensing fees, and any sort of extortion that they choose to hold you accountable for. we are ALL being manipulated with "guilt by absentia" every time we "forget" a court date or fail to clear the snow off of the license plate.

  5. You don't have to have a smoky plate cover, just get a clear plastic one that doesn't obstruct light from going through. People complaining about wasting money replacing the plates every so often, yet they're okay with paying the fines for having it covered

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