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  1. No fricken way would I have gone into that creepy basement! Accckk. And remember, bring a can of Lysol to spray your feet before getting back into the truck. Rodent crud is bad. Vermin.

  2. The original backdoor in the wash room has been kicked in…
    The door frame is broken at the lock and the metal L brackets for a barricade are bent outward.

    I wonder if this place was raided by LE. The occupant clearly had a concern about someone getting in.

  3. You didn't check the bunker the individual was clearly photographed in. The manhole should've been out there. You didn't do enough searching or information gathering to find any useful information in identifying the people that were there. And, you should've taken the stack of photos, so you could also use those to figure out who all was out there. You need to go back.

  4. Okay guys, I know my fellow commenters love speculating on the mystery of the house and a lot of things come to mind: lottery winner, in prison, a tragic accident, or an area 51 related disappearance. However, for myself, logic took hold so I did a quick internet search. Do the same because they indicated the property was right by Area 51 which means it may border it. Soooo……
    Results got me this, the story of the Groom Mine which has a Wikipedia page and a bunch of media posts including a Las Vegas now mentioning the epilogue. The backstory is here:
    Family owns a mine called Groom Mine since 1800s. It borders Groom Lake aka Area 51. Area 51 has a buffer area around it. Gov wanted property. Tried for years. In 2015, offered just over 5 million and then seized it emminent domain.
    This house is apparently boarded up: windows can't be seen out of and at least 1 exterior door is plywooded as shown in video. Additionally, toilet removed and sitting on tub.
    All suggests Emminent Domain seizure due to buffer zone and proximity to Area 51 in addition to Groom Mine example along with boarded up and quickly abandoned. Could be death but toilet and boarding suggest survivor or owner boarded it up.

  5. Whoever it was undoubtedly had an alien curiosity. Not sure why someone would go through all the work, time, and money to set that place up and then just vanish. Looks like maybe he was "visited" by area 51 security. Maybe that guy got cought snooping around top close.

  6. Looked like there may have been a hidden wall in the basement behind that corrugated tin piece! Also looks like it was a boarding/ rooming house multiple people lived there with a family… maybe extended family or even illegal aliens. The whole house looks like a work in progress… definitely worth research or revisiting! It’s really nice that it hasn’t been vandalized..

  7. my brain just can’t wrap itself around what crazy circumstance had to have happened for someone to literally just up and leave with nothing but the clothes on their backs and leave everything they owned behind.. it’s mind boggling

  8. Why do u guys always say something most of happened to the ppl that leave there home they could of gotten sick and could of past away u guys make it sound like they got kidnapped or something or left there home in a hurry more than likely they got sick or just up and left everything cause they won the lottery or something why cant u guys look up what happened first before going into a home I love ur videos but dang come on look things up before assuming ok please ….thank u love ur videos just thought I would say something maybe u can change on how u can go into a home just a thought ….

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