Baltimore’s Leakin Park : The Scariest Place in America / A Creepy Documentary Featurette

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  1. My ass would have ran and ran then drove and drove as far as I could ! See no evil, hear no evil ! I’m so glad you did the right thing then to hang around ! Men all men a few very few women in baby ! Sad , Baltimore terrible place to visit but you wouldn’t want to live there.

  2. It's actually interesting how many locations there are like this in the U.S. You have the deserts outside of Las Vegas where that city likes to bury its problems. Near Houston in my home state of Texas you have the infamous Texas Killing Fields about a mile off I-45 where they've found 30+ bodies over the years. And in my current residence of Oklahoma City you have the Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge and Lake Stanley Draper. They've pulled so many bodies out of Stanley Draper over the years that it is kind of a running joke around town; "Stay out of that neighborhood or they'll have to fish you outta Draper" etc. Ultimately these places aren't cursed or even necessarily unpleasant to visit. They're just simply easy to access, isolated enough that you can go unnoticed, and wild enough that anything (or anybody) you put there won't soon be found (if at all). It's kind of a shame these places get such a negative reputation as only being a dump site for the occasional homicide. Leakin Park is really quite a beautiful place.

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