BARE USA Kansas | Explore Abandoned Places in Kansas

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They call Kansas one of the fly over states. Well if you’re into Urban Exploration I strongly suggest skipping the TSA line and taking the time to drive through it which is exactly what I did. Join me as I scout out abandoned locations in Kansas in search of the prefect place for my BARE USA photo shoot. My adventures take me clear across the state and back,…


  1. WB Jones is gorgeous. At dusk the coyotes howl, very creepy. I shoot from the road, as its behind a fence. Sad to see Joyland like that. Also I've always been curious of the house by the rest stop. Thanks for sharing

  2. It's really heart hardening to see Joyland like that. I rode the "Wacky Shack", bumper cars, Log jam, the Farris wheel & the Scrambled Eggs. The place is totally unrecognizable now due to metal scrappers & vandalism. Such a good place….up until the roller coaster flew off the rails with people in it. My condolences to the family of the deceased.

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