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Beardslee Castle – Inspired Cuisine, fine dining and banquets in an incredible historic setting. a 150 year old ‘Irish’ Castle in central New York. Memorable weddings, great food, woderful service and unbeatable ambiance in the beautiful Mohawk Valley. One hour west of Albany, 1 hour east of Syracuse, on the Herkimer and Montgomery county border. When the Castle was…


  1. pretty or not, that building has been known to have a reputation as haunted, they use it to their advantage marketing-wise. That's part of why it's so interesting. No one said that haunted doesn't equal beautiful. I even know people who work there who claim it's haunted. That's not a bad thing.

  2. I want to assure you, that it is not haunted………people may have died there, but that dosn't mean they haunt the building.Beardslee is the preetiest thing in this crappy town i live in. So if your trying to prove something about beardslee…..dont show crappy wedding pictures. 😉

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