BOTTLE DIGGING THE (used to be) BEST BOTTLE DUMP EVER! 3000+ BOTTLES! Digging 4 / Antique Finds

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Title self explains, two days 14 hours just to move about 300 square feet of debris which had collapsed over the winter, dig one one tiny square foot virgin spot and got a two goodies, expect alot more bottles next time!


  1. Back in the old days, you dumped or buried your trash on your property. I have found bottles from as old as 1880 while digging on my land, as well as cone top beer cans from the 1930's. I have even found parts from a Model A Ford!

  2. thanks, going back in a few weeks, just got enough money for a car because of graduation so ill be able to go alot longer then when i get a lift, I could be there all day as opposed to a few hours

  3. Nice dig guy! I'm sure you were psyched to get back there to recover some goodies. The Fellows Chemist bottle is from St. John, New Brunswick I think. I've dug a couple of those. The railroad lamp lens is really nice, great find! Take care….

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