Britain’s Most Haunted Places

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Britain’s long and bloody history makes for some very creepy ghost stories. From male sex demons holding victims in their beds to a room so scary people have died of fright, join us as we investigate Britain’s most haunted places.



  1. Oh for the love of…The Ancient Ram Inn isn't haunted. Or at least grotesquely exaggerated. Just ask the Paranormal Investigation team that paid to investigate there, only to find a hidden recorder that played sounds of a cat meowing. One of the claims? Phantom cat. They also caught him slamming doors and beating curtains, presumably to raise dust, so they would capture "orbs". Then the owner approached the team during their investigation and demanded more money. And the claims read like someone who's horribly misinformed – Pagans are not, and never were, devil worshippers. Nor did they ever sacrifice babies. Oh, and the previous occupants never reported any activity of any kind.

    Gotta take this one with a huge grain of salt.

  2. Their are a lot of students who died in bemrose school because its hunted and my teacher showed video of a ghost captured to me am so scared they locked some classes because some one died there

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  4. When I was younger, I lived in pluckley, and I've seen all of those ghosts (NO JOKE)and that's when I moved away because I couldn't sleep for months, as the ghosts began visiting me in my dreams, and whenever I even think about pluckley I get nightmares and chills down my spine

  5. My primary school was a hotel in the sixties and my BFFs stepdad is the headteacher and has keys to it. In the 6 week holidays I was staying over and her mum went out and her stepdad had to go and fill out some stuff at the school for something. We didn't wanna stay at her house by ourselves cuz we r paranoid af. We were walking around and playing on the big things that we swing on in the hall. we heard someone banging in the kitchen and freaked out, we went to her stepdads office for an hour then carried on playing. we walked to our old class room as we were starting high school in a few weeks and in the corner was a women facing the window. I screamed and and downstairs followed by my bff. we told her stepdad and that's when he told us about the hotel stuff. it turns out a women had fell out of the window in our old classroom and a chef had fell onto a knife in the kitchen. Ive never been back since god knows how many other ghosts are there, not to mention all the doors close by themselves!

  6. I lived in Gloucester during my teen years in the 90s. Me and friends used to visit the Woodchester mansion regularly at night for usual teenage activities and i can say we never witnessed a single thing there. We would walk through the woods as well and never heard anything.
    It has since been reopened and they are still refurbishing it. I have visited it as a tourist attraction in my 30s and still have not witnessed anything. The current staff when questioned about ghostly activity also say they have never seen or heard a thing. I think this is just a case of it looks haunted with its Gothic architecture so people have adapted stories to make their visits seem spooky. The building itself does have an interesting history.
    The workers did not run off leaving tools by the way. The original owner that petitioned the build became bankrupt during the build so it was never finished fully, the builders probably just were never paid to go back so incidentally the tools were left. I believe a local historian association have put in to finish it.
    I have many beautiful photos of this place inside and out so if you are interested at all i can pass them on. Although non of them have ghosts in them so dont know if you will haha. Love the videos keep up the good work.

    P.S Gloucestershire has massive amounts of supposedly haunted places. These 2 are not the best. One of the best is in the centre. A shop on Westgate street that constantly changed hands and apparently workers have died. Owners never use above the 1st floor. Still has old Victorian fittings etc.. One for future reference ?

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