C.W. McCall Ghost Town

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A tribute to one of America’s greatest storytellers


  1. I'm watching this again. Wife and I were watching videos on YouTube about ghost towns and I remembered this video. It plays fine now. Sorry about my past complaints. Must've been a crummy phone or bad internet connection.

  2. nice pic of the house in animas forks… i was scared to go in it when i was younger… i took my family there a few years ago and just seeing it again just as it was 100 years or more ago is just amazing and the view is breath taking… my favorite pic of all…. thanks for posting
    i hope to be moved there in a couple of years myself…

  3. Thank you for posting the songs and the pictures of the South San Juans. I hiked those mountains back in the mid 80's when i was a teenager and fell in love with the area !

  4. My version of this from the black bear road album is quite different; both with the singing on the bridges and the backing vocals; must be a different recording.

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