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  1. Hey Alaina, just found your channel after looking up my first name (also Alaina) you got my subscription because my (our) name is SO uncommon.

    There is one girl in my school district with the same spelling and she was in my first grade class. We became bffs and we have since lost touch.

  2. I absolutely love this video!!
    Something I found out last year is kinda creepy.
    So I live in England in a really old village and I had lived in this house for 11 years, almost all my life. I would constantly hear footsteps on the hallway as if someone were running to the top room from one side of the hallway to the other. Then also I would wake up at 4 am every night and be completely paralysed. When we moved out of that house my mum told me that I along with my 2 siblings used to scare the shit out of her because when moving into that house she was told that a man killed his girlfriend 3 years before. But I didn’t know this at the time. Me and siblings would constantly complain about a girl on the Hallway and that she was scary.

    There was also one story where I was like 14 I went downstairs for a cup of water and all the cupboard doors were open. Idk but I still have nightmares about that house.

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