Cielo Drive Manson Murders Sharon Tate & Oman House paranormal MY HAUNTED DIARY

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My Haunted Diary episode with paranormal explorer James Edward Garcia in Beverly Hills, California exploring both the Manson Murder location and The David Oman House. Capturing and presenting paranormal activity at these locations on Cielo Drive.

Cielo Drive where 5 innocent people were brutally slain by 4 murderers of the Manson Family.

To explore the Manson Murder location I knew I would…


  1. I’m sorry, but this guy seems obsessed with the murders and The ghost. i’m not trying to be mean at all, but he’s been doing this for a long time. I remember him from ghost hunters 20 years ago. I feel it’s kind of cruel to keep doing this. Those people that got murdered should be allowed to rest. This guy seems to be obsessed over murders and the ghosts. The video that you made is awesome and the investigation was great. I’m not trying to be mean at all.

  2. HAHA The Oman House is a joke! I even had David Oman tell me himself that Zak Bagans Told him to go along with whatever they said and that Ghost Adventures show exaggerated everything and made up the story that the house was built on Indian ground (which its NOT) I called David out on his money grabbing bullshit on facebook and he then deleted his comments after he got busted. He's in it for money. His house is several houses down from the Manson house. There are several houses in between.

  3. If these ghost stories are true. Their spirit's should not be used as entertainment.
    It's obvious that they all died so quickly and in such a confusing manner. That I believe that their spirits could be trapped. I have heard many stories where the death was so traumatic. They they may not know they are dead.
    Someone needs to send these spirits to the light.

  4. you had mentioned in the beginning what Zack had mentioned about David. i just want to say that zack is a fraud and a horrible actor. That is ONE paranormal.. ANYTHING I will never watch. He over exagerates everything just for ratings. I have no respect for him.

  5. I've watched Taps or whatever and some of these ghost hunters and you cannot see crap! I think a lot is made up! But this guy is showing some evidence. But now that you got your evidence, you really need to leave Sharon, jay and those other poor people be and let these new owners enjoy their homes..RIP Sharon, Jay. Gibby, Votchek. Steve and little precious baby, Paul

  6. So many people involved in that ghost hunt — it's difficult to know if they are the ones making noises. Also, the voices outside can't be eliminated as coming from actual live humans living in that area. Voices can carry a good distance.

  7. Hello my favorite Lisa Loeb look alike…Another great find…I have some info regarding my own research that took place whilst living in North Hollywood from 1998-2002…Many sources,vortex rich..Cahuenga which is "Hanging Tree"the street name,had a lot of negative energy..So many Mexicans murdered,hung up for the public to see all over those Hollywood hills…I'd love to be out there while you are one of these times..I know many Clandestine,murderous events still covered that you would wanna investigate….

  8. The Manson Family was nothing but a bunch of social inadequates. It makes my blood boil that some folks think that the little runt is worth writing to. As for the girls, they should see out their sentences and not seek parole if they are truly sorry. RIP all the victims. Thank you for another cracking upload Mr Garcia.

  9. well that was another very interesting video.. David seems like he is a very cool and sometimes nutty guy =DD I've seen him with Zak a lot and he seems like a very interesting person as well. So now I am off to watch another one of your videos. I know I will be sad when I have watched them all=D

  10. ok.. again sorry for the many comments.. and I like to write as I see things .. when you were showing the part where something messes or moves the helmet or helmet's in David's house.. Idk if anyone else noticed this or commented about it, but I see clearly what to me looks a bit like an orb fly away and then when the 2 girls and the one man leave I see again what looks like light that follows them out.. did you or anyone else see that? And what do you think of that or what it may have been? I mean.. cuz you were there so I didn't know if it may have been a reflection of light or something.. but to me it looked like spirit energy

  11. they changed the last two numbers of the house from 50 to 66? 66? 66? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Out of all the number combinations they came up with 66? Not a coincidence if you ask me……now THAT'S CREEPY!

  12. I'm so glad you tube suggested your channel for me…love your videos thus far. Cecil hotel rocked saw part 3 and 4. Looking forward to checking them all out. You've been to some amazing places and haunts. Keep up the excellent job. Very enjoyable.

  13. Those poor people. Especially poor Abigail. If she had only gotten up and run when she first saw Susan, she might have made it out. She was lying in bed reading and when Susan walked past her room, Abigail smiled at her then went back to reading. I guess Sharon was in the habit of having so many people over that Abigail didn't think it was weird that she didn't recognize the woman that walked by. So sad, I wish she had felt the danger and run. Caretaker Garretson is one very fortunate man. And for the record Jay Sebring and Wojciech Frykowski knew Charles Tex Watson. Susan Atkins said Wojciech looked at Tex and said "What are you doing here?" Not who are you and what are you doing here? I think at first Jay and Wojciech probably thought it was a robbery. Ironically some think Jay worked with Watson as Watson was a hairpiece stylist in Hollywood…strange right? So sad.

  14. the last bit with the lady freaking out,it made me wonder if maybe one of the victim's of Manson's took over her body and she was a vessel to show the other's in the room their last moments,their screams and begging.

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