Civ VI: Spooky Snowflake #9 | Shocking Victory! (Final)

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Civ 6! As the not-so-scary game draws to a close, who will prevail?

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  1. This victory was only shocking if you have literally no observational skills and didn't notice that there was only one other tiny religion up against Caff's massive world spanning religion.

  2. I think that counts as a noncannon win cause we all know religion is a tool used to the illuminati to mind control us into thinking that there is one being controlling the entire world and also sjin and ben wasnt in this game

  3. whats annoying about this ending is that caff definitely deserved to win the least lol. they needed to condemn those heretics and at least one other person should have gotten a religion it wouldnt have even been hard to do lol

  4. Props to Caff for winning, an underwhelming victory (it was basically handed to him) but well deserved nonetheless for the mere fact he didn't pull a whiny-ass-Sjin-gives-up-already attitude despite getting gang banged by the two strongest players.

    Honestly, it's all the others fault for basically handing that victory to Caff, NONE of them bothered to get a religion of their own. Religion victory is the hardest because you have to compete with others' religions, but is extremely easy if no other religion exist. Even if you're not going for a religion victory yourself, you still should have a religion of your own. You don't have to spread it, you just have to keep it dominant in your own civilization. Like I said in Ep. 06 of this series, you have to engage in all fields (military, science, culture, religion, etc.), not just focus on one thing, otherwise it becomes inevitable that you will fail.

    Also, Daltos is at fault here as well, and to some extent Lewis. Daltos was already at war with Caff and wiping out his cities, so it baffles my mind why he didn't go after his missionaries that were already visible near his empire. If he had just killed the missionaries before they could spread religion, they would have prevented a Religion Victory from Caff. Same goes to Lewis, he didn't go after the missionaries to delay Caff. What's the point of trying to prevent a Religious Victory if you're not even going after the missionaries.

  5. This was hype for 3 reasons. 1. More non-regular people to make it interesting. 2. A non-regular player won despite everyone saying it was gonna be a Lewis walkover and why are they even bothering. And 3. FINALLY these dorks will understand that you can't just not get a religion in multiplayer and yes it will come into play, even if it's just a matter of belief bonuses tipping the scale towards another type of win.

  6. To the whole conversation happening around 10:40 about racism and stuff, it does not have to be a negative stereotype for it to still be considered racism and stuff, etc. A point being the stereotype about Asians being insanely smart or good at math, yes its a positive one, but it also causes any Asian that isn't good at math and stuff to be self conscious about themselves, which is a negative impact from something believed to be positive. not sure rythian will actually see this, but just in case it does this might be able to help him see why certain things are considered racist even though they are not that bad.

  7. I will disagree on the 'positive stereotypes are not Racist' comment.
    Spreading any stereotypes has the effect of flagging others as fundamentally different, making it a lot easier for more vocal Racists to argue for isolation. If anything, positive stereotypes are a lot more dangerous then the negative ones because it is far easier for us to overlook the damage caused by them. The flimsy excuse of 'but it is a complement' is used to brush aside people pointing out the damage any stereotype can cause.

    For example: An Asian might be fired for not living up to the Stereotype of being great at Maths. Despite the fact this hypothetical individual is simply on par with everyone else… they have a higher expectation to live up. As this individual was unable to live up to this higher exception, it will be easier for them to be removed from the job and replaced… maybe by someone white, who doesn't have a stereotype to live up to.

    Besides the people who easily reach for stereotypes are not stopping at just the positive ones….

  8. How to stop Religious Victory in Civ 6:
    1) Have a decent religion.
    2) Make sure your cities follow it.

    Congrats, you've stopped a Religious Victory!

    First time I beat the AI on Immortal as Rome I had to use a different Victoria's religion to prevent Gandhi from winning, converting the capitals of other civs when I took it.

  9. Alex took his Brexit following rebel city back and Daltos took the Brexit following Caff city making both of them go from just less than half cities following to exactly half cities following giving Caff the win. Caff would have most likely lost if those two conditions hadn't happened at the same time, since his last city would have fell in a few turns.

  10. Stop putting final in the title… I mean usually it's only a little bit annoying but this time it's incredibly clear that the only victory that's possible within 20 minutes of last game is a religious victory from Caff, so the 'final' is a huge spoiler.

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