Communicating With A 811 Year-Old-Spirit At Margarm Castle | Paranormal Lockdown UK

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The history of Margarm Castle in Wales is full of death, despair and family curses. Join Nick and Katrina as they interact with a 811-year-old spirit during their stay in the castle. #ParanormalLockdownUK

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  1. Dawg Nick needs to reunite with zak and hash it out. Though i can see why the fall out probably more reason then not, but got stop wit the fake bullshit. It's really not the same.

  2. They're brave! I wouldn't want to be alone in a place like that, let alone even go in there. what is that device they used, in the beginning, to pick up voices?

  3. Absolute shite. I pity the people who believe these types of programmes are real but this takes the absolute piss and makes a mockery of our country’s historical establishments.

  4. Amazing! Nick and Katrina really have an unique approach to finding evidence. 3 days at a place. What troopers. Best of luck to you all. Especially Rob the camera man. I think he's caught some compelling evidence as well.

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