Could you brave a haunted house? Bing UK

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Everything we do begins with a search. So Bing is here to help everyone in the UK do the things they want.

Zoe told us on Facebook what she wanted to do. She wanted to visit a haunted house and we found the scariest one of all. We took her to Pontefract to the site of the worst Poltergeist haunting in European history.

We liked her request, so we made…


  1. Black Monk of Pontefract ! But the polt that haunted the Pritchard family only occurred in 1966, stopped, and resumed in 1968, and stopped that year I think. There's an article on it in ''Fortean Times'' magazine (october 2012 issue). I never knew it had allegedly continued to this day ! Apparently it does (or ppl THINK it does).

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