Creepy Places of New England: African Colonial Cemetery

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Slavery is a dark part of any country in the world. In Newport, Rhode Island, there is a burial ground called African Colonial Cemetery (AKA God’s Little Acre) where slaves and Free Africans were buried. As for ghosts, there’s been rumors of hearing voices, so we did an EVP recording.


  1. @NinjaCthulhu Aw, no worries, Charles. I sometimes wonder if voices come through so faintly because the owners of those voices haven't had any practice using modern equipment. In other words, maybe they need to be taught… *hmmm*

  2. I just love your "Creepy Places" videos, Charles. They're always so interesting and informative. I quite enjoyed learning about Zingo Stevens and the history of the cemetery itself. It's amazing that the headstones are still standing, considering their age…

    I couldn't understand the EVP captures, but it's clear that you did capture something. Excellent work, as always! 🙂

  3. @charliepc56 Thanks, yes there was a lot of wind and traffic, there was more but those EVPs on this video were the better ones to hear. There may not be new videos for a few weeks, Steve is going to England, he'll have some camera and DVR and we will make "Creepy Places of Old England"!

  4. Our country will always have to bare the shame of slavery. It is so heart breaking to think one person would claim ownership of another. Those are some good EVPs despite the noise. Glad to see you guys back with some more Creepy Places of New England! Thanks!

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