Creepy Stuff Caught On Tape – The Rake, Ghosts, Demons, Aliens | Scary Videos

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The Scariest Real Videos From YouTube. It’s all about Ghosts, Demons, The Rake. Haunted Buildings, Cemetery, stuff like that in general and more weird .

Scary Stuff Caught On Camera – Ouija Board Goes Wrong – Demons, Aliens, The Rake, Ghosts | Scary Videos Scary Things Caught On Tape Into The Woods .

The Scariest Real Videos From YouTube It’s all about Ghosts, Demons, The Rake Haunted…

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  1. Meh. 30 min of garbage. First off that noise is a recording of a pig. Second the rake is a tall creature that supposidly can turn invisible. The trail Cam video that everyone thinks is a rake is a video game promo for fall out or something shyte of a grim, they even said it when they released the video. Somebody just put it on YouTube to try and pass it off as a creepy video. Homework people come on. If any of you want to watch a show with facts check out monsters in America that'll creep you out. It was on A&E a few years back. You'll get the lowdow on a rake and a lot of other creepy monters

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