Dan Aykroyd Tells the Stories Behind his 4 UFO Sightings on Sway in the Morning

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Dan Akroyd has seen four UFO sightings in his lifetime and on Sway in the Morning, he tells the story behind each one.

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  1. I went to mufon website he talks about and I cannot see the photos so clearly as his imagination thinks it is. One person talked about red and green lights…all of a sudden I realized some one has to produce these parts to keep these ships going….the actual thought of what it takes to make a alien colony exist made me chuckle….we can't even keep our human race decent.

  2. He is an awesome guy but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say he failed geometry in school. He said the object was 100' x 10' and it was a square. Last time I checked Friday object to have been a square it would have to have been 10' x 10' or 100' x 100'. In any case great story

  3. There are foreign races operating in our world and not to help humanity in any way.

    No friendly race would come here in such a secretive way. No friendly race would take people against their will. No friendly race would come here interfering in our world. No friendly race would come here when the human family is not yet ready for contact, when humanity is still a divided race without a clear voice to set the rules of engagement.

    These races that are here are not highly evolved beings, highly spiritual nor are they demonic of some sort. They are not military focused, but are merely resource explorers trying to get control over humanity and this world with it's diverse resources through very subtle means.

    They do not seek to destroy us, but they seek to employ us to basically become a workforce for them to use. They need us and our infratructure. They cannot live here on the surface as these races cannot breathe our athmosphere and because the risk of contammination by biological agents is extremely great. However, there is a hybridization program in place to create individuals that can live here on the surface and to be put in positions of power and influence.

    These foreign forces use the mental environment to manipulate and deceive humanity into subjugation. They insert ideas, thoughts and images into ones mind to manipulate people in this way, especially individuals in position of power and influence. They will not take over the world by force, but instead will deceive humanity into handing over the keys to this world willingly.

    They will promise anything. They will offer basic technology to persuade us and they will claim to be the saviors of humanity- trying to convince us that we cannot achieve peace without them. They will try to deceive us to think that they represent forces for good. Their human liaisons have fallen for this and will try to convince us of this as well. Do not fall for this.

    Our true Allies will not come here. No friendly race will at this time. We will have to do the work ourselves if we are to become a strong and self-sufficient race.

    The Allies of Humanity Briefings have been given to humanity to give us a clear understanding about the reality of contact that is happening in our world today, what we need to do to resist this covert invasion, and what needs to be done to secure our future as a free and united race in the universe.

    You can find these briefings and read them online. Look for Allies of Humanity Briefings.

  4. One quick read later and it becomes obvious that Betty Hill had no proof what so ever and was a crazy person. She was jeered off of the stage at a UFO conference in 1980 and confused street lights with landed UFO's. Zero credibility so can't really call her a "crusader" Mr. Aykroyd.

  5. I don't want to believe in aliens from another planet. I am not 100% on aliens. BUT, what is even harder to believe is 1 planet, only 1 little, Rinky Dink planet called earth ? has intelligent life on it. But that's out of BILLIONS OF OF OTHER PLANETS. BILLIONS WITH A "B" OF OF OTHER PLANETS. SCRATCH YOUR HEAD AND DO THE MATH. OH BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORRY WE ARE THE ONLY PLANET WITH LIFE ON IT. REALLY?!?! DO THE MATH. THATS LIKE A BILLIONAIRE GIVING YOU 4 QUARTER WHICH EQUALS A DOLLAR. LET THAT SETTLE IN. A $1. COMPARED TO.

  6. Ive seen a UFO. Completely unexplainable. I had other people come out and look at it as well because i couldnt believe it. We all saw the same thing. The only way i can explain it is it was a light as bright as about a distant star. I saw this thing in the sky as it kinda danced around. There was no rythm or anything like that but it would move left right up right left forward backward down up, completely random in its movement. Like i said, i was alone when i saw it. We were camping and i got up to go pee. I couldnt believe it so i woke up my friends and some of my family, my parents included and we all saw the same thing. It was really really weird. Dont know what to think even now and that happened 4-5 years ago if not longer.

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