Days Inn Room Selena got shot inside of on March 31, 1995: Room 158 (Now Room 150)

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This is the “Days Inn” at 901 Navigation Boulevard in Corpus Christi, TX. 18 years ago in room 158 (now room 150), Tejano Superstar Selena was shot in room 150 and died shortly after at a local hospital at 1pm. I decided to upload this video as a “history piece” to show everyone the history of the tragedy. This was taken on Saturday, March 30th, 2013 by me when I booked the room for the 18th…


  1. Did the hotel staff give you a hard time about booking this room ? How many days in advance did you have to book it ? And I have read other posts where this is a Knights inn and no longer a Days inn, please advise me. I would like to visit Corpus Christi and visit the museum and stay in the room where this happened ? Hope I am not offending anyone ? I would like to visit Summer 2018. Thanks in advance.

  2. Would u be able to tell winch room was the room Selena got shot in if no one of the workers will give info everyone of Selena fans is saying on you tube video like this one is saying it's room 150 not 158

  3. I went a full tour of her life it was amazing….her home i felt this strong energy. I was set back. In her home i must say i cried. My heart felt so heavy. To be able to see and walk around where she did in a place she loved so much. A friemd of mine was able to adopt one of her doggies. The smallest one. Sister rip. I was give a coffee cup of hers that i will forever treasure. I say this because i was a childhood friend of hers. And the news was so horrific. Chris was kind enough to allow me to experience this. Love you Sel. Miss you everyday. Miss those laughs and how we can make a joke about anything and laugh so hard about it. Always your friend Ella.

  4. just keep respect in mind all this happened for a reason and it was supposed to go this way we don't know why but we have to forgive if we want to be forgiven ourselves its hard but youll feel better when you do

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