Dead Space – EP 5: Bernard The Ghost Box | SpookyMega

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We play Dead Space. Wow SCARY!
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  1. Thank fuckin god Matt actually knows the actual definition of a bogan, i always hear other australians say "oh its just a true blue aussie <3" no cunt its a fuckin dirty ass aussie red neck that walks around in public with no shirt on drunk with a massive beer gut being a fuckwit

  2. I can see you, cleverpug. Nice episode btw, used to be a lot scarier in 2008, same can be said with a lot of old horror games like resident evil. Also appears that first-person has become the newest trend in the horror genre, usually in the form of something paranormal.

  3. i'm sweating at matt saying crocodile dundee is bogan

    you don't know what a bogan is until you've personally witnessed a man in a cutoff flannel shirt, board shorts and work boots abuse the bottleshop security guard in a Woolworths while his crackhead gf screams at their 8 children running around the store with her phone and a bic lighter down her bra and a freshly purchased pack of winnie blue 20s in hand. smh matthew

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