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The boys know they are up against it when going over their evidence reveals there is a demon roaming the halls of this hospital, and it means them harm.

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  1. Thank you for the warning this is Dark Moon paranormal I've been doing this since 1971 and I always give permission to enter a building that is supposedly haunted my investigations are done scientifically they're not done on sheer walking around and looking around EMF detectors EVPs camera systems and so on someone somebody else

  2. This doesn't seem very scientific to me. They are listening for what they want to hear but there is no baseline recording to compare it to. If you did that in a real job you would lose all credibility.

  3. These guys are bunch of tools. They think their tough. The One guy with the acne scars on his face is more worried about cutting the sleeves off his shirts then ghost hunting! I love how they all stand around at the end of the show with their arms folded flexing their biceps. LOL Can we say tool bags!!!

  4. Hib Blees on parade….. You guys are a joke, thinking you can capture a ghost or a demon in your contraptions (con-trayip-shuns, in your language). Don't let conservative hillbillies attempt to do ghost hunting. They have no successful record of doing anything!, except for maintaining a farm in the middle of nowhere. All of these God-fearing idiots are pretty damned ugly and their hillbilly accents, alone, turn my stomach. What gets me laughing is their stupid "pray-yers" and their cursing. Some thangs in this here werold jay-ust arnt warth it….. pray-iss Gawd! Destination America needs to drop this show and shove it under a cow patty, ASAP. Who else would watch Hill people with low IQ's fucking about in the woods near their homes? It makes for a perfect set-up of a scene from "Deliverance."

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