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we explored this abandoned haunted ghost town and caught insane paranormal activity on camera
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drone shots credited to hellonearth


  1. "It's just bull crap …no damage …there is always someone who gets all agitated and lets the power go to their head …I was photographing at a New train station and I was told by security to leave and then the guy on the video feed sitting in an office downtown somewhere put over the loud speaker if I don't leave now the police were going to be called and I would be arrested -for taking photos ina public used area -little Hitlers!"

  2. Mr security is a sign of the times…miserable law abiding company lost souls till the bitter end…..these guys love the no this, no that society….Broken unhappy man…Hes scarier than all the footage …..its so sad…our systems convinced the Morons of the greatest lie of em all…i.e that we need the state to protect us from ourselves lol..Glenn..NZ Love always….

  3. Oh wow. Cool investigation and great responses but Dang girl, that was gross, go void your bladder and be quiet about it dripping everywhere. Almost got everyone locked up for real. Good thing security didn't call the police before he approached or it wouldn't have been funny. He must be really bored there. He was trying to be so intimidating but you fellas handled it well! Lol I doubt he said anything about it because he would have had to write a report about it and include all your names. That would have made him look incompetent seeing how he didn't get your names. He may have your Utube Channel names though. ?

  4. First… I think Ste's chair moved and thats what shook the floor around you.. super creepy. And last Griff in that hamster ball made the video. Poor Olivia pissed herself I would have probably done the same LOL Then the flashlight cop came and ruined the fun ???

  5. I am sorry to say this but I feel that ste is going to be a better paranormal investigator because he is learning from the best by far, which is you Andrew and the proving demons team, and griff don't take me the wrong way bro but I think that you should just chill with everyone else and let stuff happen bro

  6. You can hear what sounds like females or a bunch of people talking…starts at about 11 mins, maybe a little before or after but you guys dont seem to hear it…at the same time you start hearing footsteps

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