Drone footage reveals Florida ghost towns before Irma hits

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In wake of Hurricane Irma reaching Florida, drone footage shows how desolate Florida cities have become.


  1. Anyone that stayed after being warned that this was a storm on a 'Biblical' scale and seeing what Harvey did to Texas was just plain dumb. Brave or not you never know what these monsters will do and where they will go.

  2. Yes if the birds starts to fly away from it habitat area and those animals/pet starting to become confuse thats the time to get out that area immediately, asap. No doubt animals knows better than humans because of the senses for any scenarios coming. Because they are the best messenger of God.

  3. The beautiful calm before the storm, the tranquility before the wrath. Did you notice that even the birds and animals have evacuated, not just the humans. Must be beautifully serene.

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