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Witness Sean and Owen’s darkest investigation yet as they spend the entire night inside one of Britain’s largest, most notorious mental asylums!

Armed with the latest paranormal equipment, they document some of the strongest activity that they’ve encountered to date.

A paranormal investigators worst fear becomes a reality for one of the guys when strange occurrences persist after leaving…


  1. Great evidence there guys, but you have to protect yourself before going into these things… it’s dangerous! If you need any guidance on how to do this, let me know! Happy hunting ??

  2. What a refreshing change to see a professional set up in every respect, no begging for money too, no plugging the channel every five minutes because it’s clear your not going to need to keep self promoting it, definitely the best paranormal video I’ve watched, no gimmicks, no bullsh*t just real paranormal footage and extremely entertaining, well done to you all involved.

  3. YES!!!! AT LAST! WOOP WOOP! SO happy you are back! I absolutely loved this episode! You are both so likeable and it is great to see Owen in front of the camera more. I can't wait for your next spooky adventure. The only thing I'd say which is by no means criticism is that your episodes should be longer. I could watch them all day long. Keep up the good work!

  4. Finally something worth watching in the world of the Paranormal! Not watched something as gripping as this since the good old days of GAC where we were entertained and scared witless before it all got too commercial and Zak got too big for his boots. Great to see too genuine likeable chaps who aren’t screaming and over exaggerating at every opportunity.

  5. At last a program with some genuine activity and so glad you don’t scream and run even in an obviously awful scary place. Liked the point about the graffiti and that’s why the can was booted over , maybe should have tried it again to see if it happened again but that’s just knit picking. Great program and look forward to another one.

  6. Fantastic. Really well made too.
    Super excited about this channel. You come across as very honest, likeable guys- earnestly presenting exactly what you find, without exaggeration- because what you have found doesn’t need it.
    It’s really refreshing. You deserve so many more subscribers~ I’m sure that’ll happen pretty soon. Take care! ✨

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