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Ghost Pokemon are mysterious, and have origins all over the place. Japanese Yokai, American alien sightings, Indonesian folklore and more! Plus, some pokemon are NOT ghosts at all! So let’s explore the origins of each Ghost type Pokemon and explain them!

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  1. Now that i think about it, Dusknoir may be a giant Soul Eater reference, since the grim reaper from that anime also has giant, flat hands that he uses to pimp slap things like Dusknoir.

  2. geist (not pronounced geest!) is a german word and means simply "ghost". i believe "ghast" is just a word that went through some linguistic evolution and means the same as "ghost" or "geist".

  3. There is another connection from Decidueye to ghosts or spirits. Decidueye's way of shooting arrows as if from a bow is very reminiscent of Kyūdō, the Japanese art of archery. Kyūdō is very meticulous and practiced to the point of being very spiritual, and was frequently practiced and taught by monks from the 17th century onward. There's an anime/manga by CLAMP called XXXholic that has a main character, Doumeki Shizuka, who practices Kyūdō and is the Grandson of a Shinto priest, even living in a temple. His work with the bow often produces spiritual effects, and if he fires his bow even without an arrow, the resulting shot can exorcise spirits and demons.

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