Exploring a real fairytale castle (DRACULA’S PRISON CORVIN)

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This is by far the best castle in the world in my opinion. It’s straight out of a fairy tale, It was such a privilege to be able to go and explore these places…. without you… yes you ready this now, I would never have got here so thank you so much for the support. as I walked around the Castle I could just feel the residual energy but…


  1. Super cute dog!!! Love your videos keep them coming!!! I WANT that torch!!! I would love to go exploring a few caves & tunnels with that OLight!!! Seriously you guys explore the most interesting places, love watching!!!

  2. Great work as usual Dan . the detail you give on the history of these places makes you a cut above the rest keep them coming … Paul . AAAAAAAAANNNNNNDDDDDD I WANT THAT TORCH

  3. Love animals, so good to see you have a heart for them to!!! I can't forget the sunken village in toxic, hope the people of Romania, who are pour getting a better life!!!!(the EU have a job there)?

  4. In that valley near the castle, people would fight bears for the King’s entertainment. They would go hunting pretty often. Inside the castle they would organize feasts and parties. Really cool stuff. ⚔️?

  5. of course you didnt know this or you probably have, but dracula had a mistress beside his wife and kept a dirty lil secret way down in the dungeon, a pretty lil young thing that his wife nor mistress knew about

  6. Your a angel rescuing your doggie wish there was more people like you on earth just in case you wonder who watches your videos I am a disabled 64 year old who enjoys your adventures all. The best Kathy

  7. Great video,I’ve been really enjoying the stuff on your channel. It’s a shame that the WW2 underground hospital in Epsom Surrey near me has been explored properly as that would have been a good video.
    Keep up the good work.

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