Exploring ABANDONED Hospital! *GRAPHIC CONTENT!!!*

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I visited Reid hospital about a year ago when I found all this blood, looks as if someone or multiple people were brutally killed in the spot. The blood looks real to me, what are your guys thoughts on it?

►Please know, when visiting these locations I do not steal or vandalize. The only thing I take are photos and I only leave…


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  2. My brother is a scientist so I showed him this video and he showed it to his class to later find out that one of his friends have been to this place my brother then went to explore the place with his friends and took a dna sample of the blood in the big room and it came back to prove it was real. As for the blood in the hallways and in the other room was fake.

  3. Hay guys I come accross a area that weried fast and I took a mirror and backed out with light on aimed at the sun I turned and kept my eyes clear then smashed it what bad kept smelling dried blood seeing goast all went away and then it happen to trailer I bought but then I found out some died shot iin back but the coliers looked darker holy walkers think 91 alot what you all talk about I'm shur it's something else God bless stay safe

  4. I like knowing why places were left and how they looked before they are left I like the history of places I think these type of videos are cool when others think its scary but im just like " THAT LOOKS SO COOL WOW OMG ID LIKE TO BE THERE!!!!!"new sub

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