Exploring An Old West Ghost Town – Cherry Creek Nevada

Gold and silver were mined in and around Cherry Creek in the 1870s and 1880s. Travel back in time as we take a look at this historic mining district. The Pony Express riders traveled thru this area in 1860-1861.


  1. In 1976 I drove out here in my 1966 Chevrolet Impala. I had a bottle of vodka with me and proceeded to get drunk. I slept in one of the cabins, they were not as tore up as they are now. About sun up a sheriff came rolling in, leaving a dust trail behind him. He hollered at me and told me i was trespassing, and if I didn't get out he would throw me in jail. I went to grab my stuff, and said I was taking to long, and kicked me in the ass. I gathered up my stuff and ran to my car but it wouldn't start. I ran the battery down trying to start it. That pissed off the sheriff even more. He then pulled out his gun and said that I better hoof it and now. I took off running like a bat out of hell. I ran as far as I could out of his site, but I look over a crest and see him destroying my car. He first took a bat and smashed my windshield, then he knocked the tail lights out, then the headlights. He then went to the trunk of his car and got a big hammer, raised the hood of my car and started smashing everything under the hood. Next he took out his revolver and shot all four of my tires out, then jumped in his patrol car spun out in the dirt slinging dirt all over my car. He left after that but I didn't want to go near the place again I ended up hitchhiking in to Barstow California, where I'm from. A couple of weeks later I had a buddy drive me back out there, and we looked at the damage. He smashed the carburetor completely flat, destroyed the manifold, pounded holes in the valve covers, and cracked the battery. My friend said the car wasn't worth saving so we left it. I loved that Impala. Hopefully that crazy fat ass sheriff is dead by now. I still will never go back to those cabins, after that bad experience.

  2. Thanks for posting, it was like going home again. I basically grew up out at Cherry Creek, my grandfather and my aunt still live there in town. The red brick house you show early in the video is directly across the street from our hunting cabin. Sadly, the elements finally claimed that brick house last year and it has crumbled to the ground. It was in many of our family's photos for decades. Thanks again for the brief visit home, we are headed out there for Elk season in October.

  3. I have driven by that town. There are 2 roads that lead from US 93 to that Cherry Creek. One is dirt road and one is paved road. I have never been to Cherry Creek, but I have driven by there on US 93 with my 2013 Chevrolet and U Haul trailer too!

  4. Great video brother and I like the concept of just touring around–it feels as though you (we lol) are doing the actual exploring. But, I'm one of those curious fellows who likes to know what I'm looking at lol. What's the short history on Cherry Creek, NV? Also, if I understand right, you must've been down (over for you, I guess lol) to FLETC–when would that have been, round about? I was there from April to June, 1996. I didn't think that much of "Pam's", but "Coconut Willie's" sure was a lot of fun!

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