Extremely Scary Haunted House

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In October of 2010, five friends went missing while walking home after filming a video for YouTube. They have never been seen or heard from since.

Until this video tape was found in an abandoned house.

This is our Halloween special video!! We hope you enjoyed it and also hope you didn’t get motion sickness from…


  1. That ghost was fake ,the house was fake ,the idiots in the video were fake , the noise was fake ,the ghost video next below this video is fake ,the telegram products are fake ,santa claus is fake ,my friends are fake ,my girlfriend is fake ,my whole life is fake

  2. Brace yourself This is an Honest Unfiltered Blunt Comment As You Wanted

    If Any of You kids saw a real supernatural creature Majority of you would defecate yourselves plus You Would not be able to move limbs after or speak for a few minutes because of The Physical State of Shock That Causes The body to become Paralyzed for brief moments yet commonly releasing The Bladder and bowels The reason why some will also urinate if Frightened to a certain degree & Thereafter an Individual will often Vomit because That is what normally occurs, Last would be The Blood Curdling Screaming Which is Damn Near Impossible to Fake if You ever heard it not even Hollywood Has managed to Copy The Sound So Watching Something as Tacky as this was extremely disappointing because Obviously nobody took the time to research Ancient History of The Demonic Possessions and other important events That Happened in real life throughout Humanities Existence, If you really wish to scare people How far would you take it? Would you risk your life for profit? or to simply get a rise out of Modern Society? spend a little more money on a bit of Acting Classes Figure out what you want your results to be & take your time with your studies, However Dumb it made me feel watching I do Give you props for The Efforts placed & Idea of The Short Film You have potential if all of you tried a little harder, The Young Man falling at the end has The highest acting skills out of the group and has great potential to become a stunt Man though it is a risky Job it pays Well

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