Family Refuse To Live In Their Haunted House Because Of Ghosts

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Family refuse to live in their haunted house because of ghosts. We take a look at one of England’s most haunted houses.

A decade before the world famous Enfield poltergeist case came to public attention, another haunting took place in the town of Pontefract. Number 30 East Drive, on the Chequerfields Estate, East Yorkshire, stood on a corner at the top of a hill, close to what was once the…


  1. This is demonic activity I know because I had to live through it as a child. There are no such things as ghosts or dead loved ones trying to contact you. Only demons or evil spirit's try to play with your fear as they feed off of it. Demons pretend to be loved ones passed away, never go to tarot card readings or people who can read minds your opening a doorway to the demonic. Peace always.

  2. Being a paranormal investigator myself for the past 17 years .. I have seen and heard many things that I cannot explain (some i can) but working with a very close friend of mine so close we are more like brothers …. we have faced poltergeist activity… hauntings…. residual hauntings … been scratched … hit had things thrown at me …. and stared down and ran off a lot of demonic activity … so I can say without an ounce of fear I would love to investigate this place with my bro and get to the bottom of what ever resides there and send it to where it belongs !

  3. If you've been to that place and seen how rough and destitute the neighbourhood is, you'll know that the scariest things there are outside of the house not whatever is supposed to be inside. Sorry to say that, but it's true. It is a typical run down council estate in the North, and you'd be far safer in the house with the demon, than taking your chances on the streets in that area. Sorry to those who live there, but I'm sure you'd agree with me.

  4. the black monk is actually good, his protecting against a evil spirit that's also meant to be there, something most people don't realize, also alot of activity on stairs but then found electrics are under stairs which may explain why electric ghost meters go wild, bible on desk goes weird with equipment but maybe gold edged paper causing issues, needs really locking down under controlled envioment to be proven or debunked

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