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This is very short documentary about the past and present of the forgotten and abandoned town of Kudremukh.

Please note all the facts in this video is based on the article ‘Kudremukh: Karnataka’s ghost town revisited after fifteen years’ by Harsha, published in The New Indian Express dated 11th September 2016.

Below is the link to the original article. Dont miss to read…


  1. Its very sad to see the city now. I still remember those days of 1998 till 2001 when I visited Kudremukh around 2-3 times during my child hood. we used to pass by Kudremukh whenever we visit Horanadu and Kalsa and we used to visit the Park/Garden which was very well maintained with full of Green and flowers also they had some instruments for children to hang out there. we used to love visiting Kudremukh. Also we visited the Dam which was empty and filled with iron ore wastes. I am very surprised to see the city now in this video. Thanks for this Video.

  2. Guys who are watching this please do not visit this places only to drink and spoil the vibes of.this godly lands I understand of.your not from Karnataka but people from Karnataka are doing this if we don't respect our land and culture who would ?? Nimagekaimugidu kelutene dayavitu enta jaagadalli dhyana mattu meditation gey banni do not follow Western culture all they gave us hatred, porn videos, greed and made us feel bad bout our own culture …???

  3. I too am from kudremukha. My childhood and junior schooling was there before everyone started moving out.
    Btw the town had three schools. A government school, central school, convent school. Also a cisf base. A helipad. Markets. 3 temples too.
    The town was too developed even to this days terms. It was maintained by the people and the company society. A great community of people.
    Thanks for the video 🙂

  4. My friends and I visited Kudremukh during the mid 90s when we all were students in Mangalore. 10 guys and 5 bikes.. it was fun. We reached there at night and could not find any place to stay. I think we slept in a park. It was so cold and had to lie down for sometime on the road tarmac which was very warm ?. So sad to see the town in this state now. Your video brought back a lot of nice memories. Thanks for this video ?

  5. Even though it has turned into a ghost town. That, in my opinion, is the best thing that has happened. Kudremukha as a national park and if any of facilities would have been kept running, then people would have tried settling there and that would ruin the ecology. Also, I'm glad that steps have NOT been taken to improve tourism there. Else it would be another Mullayanagiri/Bababudangiri with irresponsible tourists ruining the beauty. Anyways, beautiful video. 🙂 Keep exploring!

  6. Hey..
    Thanks for this. Started my family life here…A tiny house, colony life,weekend markets,bonfire to drive the cold,the kitchen window overlooking the mountains,a little stream…I was learning to cook..Oh.Lovely…that was 1995-1997…

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