Fulton County, New York – Posi+ive

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You have one life.
Don’t spend it on someone else’s dream.
You have the fire. You have the potential.
You will rise to the challenge.

Fulton County believes in you.
This is your new frontier
The place where your side hustle becomes the next big thing.

We are positive.

We are ready for you now.
Fulton County has the plan and the infrastructure,
the untapped resources,
and affordable…


  1. I live in fulton county paid 20 years on my home and they rezoned my area didn't even notify me and told me to bad you should of complained before this.
    there is a snot nose girl in the town of Johnstown offices(needs to brush her teeth as the whole office building stinks or bad breath) who said they do not want people like me in their town (i have 5 acres and I can not have a goat, cow, horse I wanted to put a mobile home/doublewide on the back side of my property when I retired this year -when I bought my house I could have all of the above) I live outside of town in the country. This is my third home this county is going under fast low wages and high taxes crime arson murder. 4/11/18 and still have 3 foot snow banks and below freezing at night will probably have to heat my home well into may- go to Saratoga county instead – lower taxes horse racing casino -restaurants Saratoga preforming arts center better quality of life than this scumbag county. run run run from fulton county

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