Ghost Adventures (11/17/2018) Crisis in OakDale

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Ghost Adventures (11/17/2018) Crisis in OakDale
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  1. So Funny. Bring in the Psychic, play more with the Demon….. but never do what you really need to do and drive it out using Jehovahs name and by making the right changes. Lol. Such idiots.

  2. Thank you for hearing us when we hopes that you do more investigations than interviews. Im so happy watching your show! It makes me scared and smile at the same time lol! Love you zak, aaron, billy, jay, and dakota. And the whole gac team. Take care always!

  3. Phsycics are just full of shit, for eg he had to ask the name of the man and when the figure was in the wardrobe he had to ask if the figure was small or large even though earlier he claims to be able too see spirits. And I think the mother showing everyone the suicide notes was suspect also , no mother would share her sons deepest and saddest thoughts

  4. You need to leave Micheal alone. His spirit seeks peace a peace that he couldnt find in this life.
    We Native Americans burn all things (personal belongings) that belonged to the one who passed so that the person's spirit can pass into the next world.
    Leave his spirit be.

  5. i feel sad that the mother and the sister had to lose their son to suicide. I hope that they have some closure from this and I do hope that the spirits in the house is put to rest, including Michael. I am happy to have watched because I love this show and I feel like I am apart of the experience and I wish for the mother and sister to have peace knowing that they had a chance to talk to their son.

    Also, why did they ask Michael to touch Zach's butt? that's the one thing that still makes me wonder

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