Ghost Adventures: Graveyard of the Pacific – Cape Disappointment

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Zak and the crew conclude their investigation of the Graveyard of the Pacific with a visit to Washington State, where they explore a lighthouse that bore witness to some of the most tragic shipwrecks on the Pacific Coast.


  1. Thank you for uploading, quality is wonderful. Really appreciated ?When they get nothing from spirits, you know it's going to be another "Zak lost his mind" episode lol Better luck next time GA

  2. Thanks for the upload! I don't like these episodes of 'Graveyards of the Pacific' very much though, I must say… I miss the oldschool episodes! Miss the really funny parts and the really great evidence! Still love the show, but it's not what it used to be… Still look forward to it every week though πŸ™‚ So to sum up, thank you ?

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