Ghost caught on Camera at Landguard Fort – Felixstowe

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We accidentally catch a spirit on camera while investigating the first floor at Landguard Fort, Felixstowe UK.
We believe it to be that of a child, but as she walks toward us, seems to have an adult appearance . . .
The spirit is highly transparent and is only lit by our camera lamp. So do they walk amongst us , unoticed ?

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  1. Very Nice !! Thats certainly an interesting one & looks as if a small spirit is heading towards you !!
    0.30 Loud EVP 'Can you hear me' 0.38 'Help Me' !! 3.01. 'Help me'. 3.18. 'Georgie' 3.24. 'Yeah' !! 3.28 Said quick. 'Go Away' !! 3.43. Said slow… 'Go Away' !!
    0.50.After knock..'Hear Me ' !! 3.56 Very Loud EVP Girl / Female EVP….. 'Can you hear me' ?? 0.40 Male 'Its Raining !!
    Ha Ha !! I told you that Landguard was good 🙂

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