Ghost Hunters International S03E11 Ghoul’s School American Samoa

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  1. Put on 24:43 (not exactly) ~~~• i saw white man run look carefully and you will see or just put on pause like me , i alredy sam this on tv and then i go watch it on the phone and ya you csn see this white shadow well

  2. I am a proud Samoa, and to this episode, all I can say is you can't remove Tuiatua he is chief and trust me Samoan people long time ago used to be one with the spirits, it still exist. But although good job trying ….. Anyways all is well because Jesus exist…..???

  3. hi , i watched the whole thing. but one thing you guys didnt get a good look at on your video was the eyes, its white , and when someone touched that girls butt when she was sitting down there was white stuff going behind her,,,,, literally where ever you guys go they are always behind, or infront of you by looking at this video ….. this school is reallllly haunted

  4. Hate to break to y'all, But ghost do exist! This show did not capture anything because it is disrespectful to bother the dead… The people of American Samoa respects the dead because it is part of our culture unlike these People-foreigners.

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