Ghost in my Apartment 8 (Real Ghost Caught on Camera)

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This has good orb activity and it knocks over my speaker!


  1. I read a lot about ghosts, I really believe in them. They do not show up. They live with you, but you will never see them. I think they give you alerts to leave their house.

  2. ☺ i have seen MOST of these vids & i think Joseph is a handsome, intelligent, young man. However…….i see more red flags than demons.
    hey Joseph i dont think u ever said what u do for a living? or what education u have?
    hm…….do u have ANY history of pranking? i like the vids & they do scare me. but i can see how all could b a trick.
    *side note: i find it interesting how generally speaking, paranormalists r asked to prove there IS something & atheists r asked to proof there isn't something. lol ?

  3. Glad to see you didn't die , and have fun making vids but don't get all blown out when people comment when you post up the vids . Right before the bug flie by looks as tho there's a light from outside passing thru front window . Apartments make all types of sounds especially from neighbors . There's an edit in the tape also.

  4. I'm starting to think my new apartment is haunted. It's not this bad but strange things are happening. Is there anything I can do? How does he keep his cool so well?

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